Simply present your membership card when paying your check and for every food and beverage dollar spent, you’ll receive one point (excluding tax and tip.)

Only the member who pays the bill can receive the points. Points are accumulated on a calendar year basis only.

How to redeem your points:

Choose to bank your points to save for higher rewards.

Or choose to receive a Reward Certificate.
E-Mail us at and we’ll send you your Reward Certificates 

Use the Reward Certificates for your next Holly Hotel visit or save your points for one these special rewards.

2017 Reward Certificates 

350 POINTS = Complimentary Dessert or Appetizer 

750 POINTS = Complimentary Bottle of Wine

1000 POINTS = $25.00 HOLLY HOTEL Gift Card

1350 POINTS = Afternoon Luncheon Tea for Two

2000 POINTS = $50.00 HOLLY HOTEL Gift Card

2500 POINTS = One Year Dining Club 
Membership or Membership Extension

4000 POINTS = TWO Complimentary 
“Eight Course Chef’s Selection” Degustation Dinners

5000 POINTS = $150.00 HOLLY HOTEL Gift Card

7500 POINTS = “Dinner for Four” at the Holly Hotel

10,000 POINTS = $300.00 HOLLY HOTEL Gift Card 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the enrollment work?
A. Current Holly Hotel Dining Club members are automatically enrolled as of January 1, 2007.  All new Holly Hotel Dining Club members are enrolled once the $59.00 annual dues are paid. 

Q. How do reward points accumulate? 
A. One point is accumulated for each dollar spent at the Holly Hotel for food and beverage services.  (tax and tips are excluded.) At the present time, points are not accumulated in the Holly Hotel Comedy Club, but this feature will be added at a later date.

Q. What is "Banking"?
A. You may choose to bank your points to save for higher point rewards.

Q. What happens to my points at the end of the calendar year?
A. Points will carry over from year to year as long as you remain a Club Member or if your membership does not lapse for more than one year. 

Q. Can I earn Member Points when someone else at my table pays the bill?
A. Sorry, Member Points are earned only when the Card Holder pays the bill.

Q. Can two members of the same household share one Holly Hotel Dining Club account?
A. Yes, as long as the address is the same.

What will be the advantages of the coming Holly Hotel phone app?
In summary, here are a few the more popular features you will be able to enjoy:
• Check your Account Balance anytime, including restaurant visits and dollars needed to reach next level
• Redeem your points for rewards and select or change when you redeem your points
• Change your Member Profile (update address, add your email, etc.)

-Make reservations, anytime, from your phone app `Get "Instant Rewards" via the appNew Paragraph
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