Dine With Us 
The Chef's of the Holly Hotel begin each day contacting purveyors from all over the world. Fresh Ono, Tuna and Rainbow Runner fish is flown in from Hawaii. Game is ordered from Montana or Texas. Chicken is ordered from Indiana, direct from purveyors that specialize in free-range products. Produce is delivered three times a week from Detroit's Eastern Market. Regional products, like Michigan morel mushrooms and fiddlehead ferns, are ordered in season from long-established Michigan vendors.

All for good reason. The "Signature" portion of the dinner menu is virtually unchanged from 1979, allowing our long-term customers the consistency of always having "their favorites" available.  

The Chef's are then free to prepare any "Specials" they so choose. Meeting each morning with George, the Executive Chef, Sous Chef and Garde Manger set a course for the day's menu for afternoon tea and dinner.

The Chef's of the Holly Hotel in 1915. (Then dubbed the "Allendorf Hotel" for a few years.) The Holly Hotel is one of the very few hotels in the Midwest that have continuously served meals in three centuries.  
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