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September 2014 Events
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September 2014 Events

Fresh Maine
August 29-30-31

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

$39 Club Members and guests

Join Us For Lobster This Weekend!

FRESH MAINE LOBSTER is on order for this weekend and we'll have THREE different LOBSTER entrees for you to enjoy!

Classic LOBSTER THERMIDOR will be available all weekend. Utilizing the original 1940's recipe with paprika, scalded cream and egg, you won't want to miss this special.

Our "out of the box" Lobster entree will be LOBSTER POT PIE.  Crusted, wonderful and lobster-rich.

Are you a traditionalist? We'll also have whole, butter-poached lobster on the menu. 1.5 pound, fresh and glorious.

Also, every LOBSTER entree will be accompanied by our LOBSTER BISQUE and LOBSTER CUCUMBER SALAD

Comedy Club

Friday and Saturday
Sept 5th - 6th

Jeff Leeson and Zach Martina in the Club!

Jeff Leeson has been described as “The King of Crowd Work” and a “one of a kind performer” by his fellow comics. His off the cuff, improvisational, electrifying style leaves crowds not only wanting more, but stunned at what they just witnessed.

While a lot of comics work to hone and craft an act that they can deliver verbatim to audiences night after night, Jeff creates a brand new show every time based solely on the audience in front of him.

Jeff began his journey into comedy at the age of 14, and now 15 years later is one of the best and brightest comics on the professional circuit. The brilliant thing about Jeff’s act is that no two shows are ever alike. His signature end of show “wrap-up”, where he integrates all the audience members he has already talked to, has been described as “human fireworks”. Jeff’s stand up has been featured on Sirius/XM radio, The Bob & Tom Show (WGN), MTV, & iChannel, and his improvisational style made him the perfect fit to host “London Tonight with Jeff Leeson” (RogersTV) and “The Inside Joke” (iChannel).

Comedy Club

Friday and Saturday
Sept 12th - 13th

Dave Dyer and Russ Brown in the Club!

Well here we are...another awkward bio from a comedian.  I could loft the usual tidbits at you..."Here's who I've opened for"..."Here's where I started"..."I ALWAYS wanted to be a comedian".  I could spit all of that shizzle out in hopes that it would add some legitimacy to my being, but we all know that's a bunch of crap.  No matter what it says, you're not going to lose OR gain any sleep.  Here's what you want to know...am I funny?  Yes...I'm damn funny.  Am I Bill Cosby funny?  I think so, at times, although I'll bet you he'd have a different answer.  I'm not going to over-pump myself...I'm a really good comedian with really good material.  It's not for everybody (see Birmingham, AL), but it's for a lot of people.  I'm proud of what I do and I'm not one of those guys who pines over the couple of people in the crowd who don't like me...I gave up on those a-holes years ago.  Understand something about life...not everyone is going to have twinkle in their eye when you walk in the room, so keep walking and don't waste your time on the non-twinklers.  Just get to one of my shows and judge for yourself.  I mean, look at the quality of this website...you know the tickets can't cost too much.

Autumn Harvest Moon Dinners

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Sept 12th, 13th and 14th

Autumn is the golden season when soft sunlight is seen through red maple leaves and the landscapes glow. There is a crisp, freshness in the air. Geese are heard in the fall skies as twilight descends a little earlier. We always celebrate this season at the Holly Hotel with a very special menu.

The aromas from our kitchen are everywhere. Savory dishes laced with rosemary and sage and piping hot corn cakes from the oven. Down to earth, hearty and healthy foods warm the season with vibrant colors and flavors of golden squash and crimson apples.

The tables are set and candles glow as the richness of harvest time is shared. The following five course menu is served full of the tastes and textures of the fall season.

$36 per person
$29 Club members & guests

Call for reservations, please. 248-634-5208. Our Regular menu is also available, of course.

Roasted Squash and Pumpkin, Maple Croutons

Red Oak and Leaf Lettuce, Black Walnut, Amish Blue Cheese, Spiced Fried Yams, Black
Garlic Balsamic Dressing

Duck Breast.
Madeira Gravy, Sweet Sausage Stuffing, Roasted Corn Cakes, Red Pepper Relish

Butter Glazed Hanging Tenderloin Steak, Charred Mirepoix, Michigan Leek Fondue

Herb Derby, Applesauce

Chocolate Pot Pie
OR Apple Dumpling, Cinnamon,
Caramel, Cider syrup

Comedy Club

Friday and Saturday
Sept 19th - 20th

Ben Moore and Jordan Mather-Licht in the Club!

Ben began doing stand-up comedy in a small back room bar packed with drunk college students somewhere in the sleepy midwest.

He's gone on to become a favorite on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show and continues to endlessly tour the nations finest comedy clubs.  He was a finalist in The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival and The Funniest Person in Cincinnati contest and won The Funniest Person in Lexington.  He has been featured on the WGN network and tbs.com.  Recently, his first CD, "Never Coming Back", debuted in the top of the charts on iTunes and Marc Maron, on the WTF Podcast called him a "very funny" and "talented joke-writer." We think you'll agree.

Comedy Club

Friday and Saturday
Sept 26th - 27th

Warren B Hall and Steve Lind in the Club!

Simply put; Warren B Hall is not what you’re expecting. He has a style that purposely avoids using the “white vs. black” angle which has become all too common with many black comics. Daring to be different, Warren chooses to focus on funny!

Warren tours all over America and can truly be called Mr. International as he has made numerous tours with “Comics On Duty” entertaining our troops stationed in Iraq, Kuwait, Japan and Korea.

He has opened for Lewis Black, Tommy Davidson, Dave Coulier, and Frank Caliendo.

You may have seen him on Comics Unleashed; in one of his numerous commercials, or heard him on the syndicated morning radio program The Bob and Tom Show.

High energy stage performances and the ability to write material for all tastes is a winning combination for this Boston native.

Sunday Brunch


Join Us For Our Famous Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch at the Holly Hotel is an experience not to be missed.

Brunch is served from 10:30am-2:30pm and costs $19.00 for adults and $9.00 for Children.

Our menu changes weekly, click here to view this weeks menu.

Reservations are required. Please call 248.634.5208 to make your reservation


Bereavement Luncheons at the Holly Hotel

Since 2005, families throughout the country have trusted our family and professional staff to assist in hosting bereavement luncheons with the respect, grace and quiet elegance necessary.

The Holly Hotel opens privately, anytime, for these very special occasions and we can make the necessary arrangements with just a few hours notice.

Call 248.634.5208 for more information 

Did You Know That the Holly Hotel opens privately for groups of 10 or more guests Monday thru Saturday from 11 AM until 2:00 PM? Enjoy a three-course afternoon luncheon for your group by calling 248.634.5208!
A perfect time to schedule your bridal or baby shower, family luncheon, book club meeting or ANY reason to join your friends at the Holly Hotel! Just $14 to $18 per person!

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