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FEBRUARY 2015 Events
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February 2015 Events

A Feast of Flames, our
Candlemas Dinners


JAN 30, 31, FEB 1

If hope had a scent, it would be the smell in the air on a warm February day. We’ll present an exquisite and unusual celebration that marks the mid-way point between Christmas and Spring with our Candlemas Dinners!

We are bringing back this very ancient and time-honored tradition of the solemnization of sunlight. The staff will illuminate our dining rooms with hundreds of candles as we celebrate Spring, fertility and the promise of Summer!

$39.00 per person for Holly Hotel Club Members and guests. Reservations, please. 248.634.5208 Regular menu also available, of course!

Comedy Club

JANUARY 30 & 31

Mark Sweetman and Mike Geeter in the Club!

beltThough you may not yet know his name, Mark Sweetman is a stand-out from the rich Detroit comedy scene who has decades of performing under his belt but only recently returned to the stage after years spent as a writer in Los Angeles. Don't miss his dry wit and hilarious delivery in his headline act.

Comedy Club


Connie Ettinger and Nate Armbruster in the Club!

beltWhat do you get when you cross a farm girl with a former partner in a major Detroit law firm? And what on earth was the State Bar of Michigan thinking in 1980 when they issued this woman a license to practice law? And why should you always use your cup holder when buying coffee at McDonalds’s? And when will the road construction ever end? These and other questions will be answered when you discover the comic musings of Connie Ettinger. A self-styled “recovering lawyer,” Connie’s outlook on life pairs the seemingly divergent aspects of a small town upbringing with life in the legal fast lane and creates a sardonic view of matters ranging from the uncertainties of puberty to the absurdities of our justice system.

Stupid people, beware! She has no tolerance for their antics which bring the legal system (and freeways and grocery check out lines) to a maddeningly slow crawl. Her engaging, animated delivery on a variety of topics from “ladies’ nights out” to those who would not think twice about taking a hair dryer into the shower will draw the audience, regardless of background, age or sex, into a shared appreciation of life’s little ironies, guaranteeing that a good time will be had by all.

Afternoon Tea


Join us on Saturday, February 7th at Noon for a wonderful three course afternoon tea. Each guest, including children, will receive a complimentary English porcelain "Teddy Bear" teacup and saucer. A splendid time with your children, grand children, nieces and nephews! Specially designed "adult" and "child friendly" courses to choose from, all priced at just $29.00 per person. No other discounts apply.

Please call for reservations! 248-634-5208. Limited number of seats for this event.

Valentine's Weekend


FEBRUARY 13 - 15


Man has always been endeavoring to discover the mischievous powers of the dishes on his table. While these ideas have become trivialized in this age of vitamins and de-constucted flavors, we would be lacking the most basic element of gastronomy if we doubted one of the overriding truths about food: there is an undeniable complicity between table and romance.

It may be difficult to witness this phenomenon at a busy restaurant in the throes of a holiday weekend, but look carefully in the corners. There’s a certain mysticism shrouding a couple who have been married for fifty years, still holding hands, in the corner of our Main Dining Room. Or a young girl in the Dining Car, weeping as her date proposes to her over dessert. Try to find that while ordering a box of steaks over the Internet.

A magnum of love, a pinch of decorum, a touch of romanticism, an attractive plate and magic sets in. The magic begins in the kitchen, where young chefs never consider a red pepper to be a soulless vegetable. The magic extends to the tables where excited waiters still consider service to be a profession.

Of course, we will be busy, and reservations will be at a premium. We urge you to call early, and consider Thursday or Sunday night reservations as an alternative to Friday or Saturday.

As we celebrate our thirty-fifth consecutive Valentine’s Day, we continue to be excited about special events, romantic holidays and loyal customers. After all, we see the couple in the corner every week!

$59.00 per person. Club Members & Guests, $47.00.
In addition to our regular menu, this menu will be available
Friday, February 13 thru Sunday, February 15.
Reservations: 248.634.5208


Comedy Club

FEBRUARY 13 & 14

Kevin Kramis and Carl Johnson in the Club!

beltKevin performs over 45 weeks per year in Clubs, Colleges and Concerts. A regular in Las Vegas he also writes material for a number of comedians as well as a contributing writer for the Dr. Don Prep Sheet. A veteran comic noted for his universal appeal, with stage presence and off-beat improvisations that captivate and involve audiences. Kevin works successfully before all kinds of people from mature, discerning audiences at outdoor venues like DTE to the inmates at the super-maximum security prison in Mansfield, Ohio.

Kevin has opened for Tim Allen, Jeff Foxworthy, Judy Tenuta, Gabe Kaplan, Richard Jeni, Billy Gardell, Pointer Sisters, Michael Feinstein, Three Dog Night, Brian Setzer Orchestra, JJ Walker, Tim Lilly, John Hefron, Steven Wright, Jeff Hobson, Ben Creed and Gerry Grossman and Arron Karo. My new favorite band!

Comedy Club

FEBRUARY 20 & 21

Keith Fields and Owen Thomas in the Club!

beltKeith’s new show "A Brit Of Magic" is a multimedia extravaganza of comedy and magic. This is not a ‘sit back and watch’ show, this is a roller coaster of fun and excitement that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

As a Brit living in the USA, Keith has had the chance to discover a new audience and new outlets for his shows. Over the last few years he has been rediscovering the joy of fooling people as he makes them laugh. This journey has led to the creation of his new one man show "Keith Fields – A Brit Of Magic". An interactive show that includes some great magic, some hilarious comedy and some amazing stunts that you won’t want to believe! But this is not just a show; this is Keith sharing the thing he loves – his passion for magic and for making people laugh.

Fields has appeared in New York’s Broadway, London’s West End and the Las Vegas Strip; he has performed alongside Russell Peters, Eddie Izzard, Dave Coulier, Dame Edna Everidge, and he once had Robin Williams as his warm up act! But that is a story for another day. Miss this show and you wont know what everyone is talking about!

Comedy Club

FEBRUARY 27 & 28

Jamey Stone and Jeff Horste in the Club!

beltBouncing back and forth between playful sarcasm and crazed rants, Jamey proves that you can be both a positive realist and annoyed curmudgeon simultaneously. Wry, sarcastic, and edgy, Jamey will make you laugh at yourself and others without guilt.

Originally from Long Island, NY, Jamey's search for sanity in a crazy world led him to the stages of comedy clubs where his off-center, ironic approach to comedy and slightly demented look at life caught on with audiences. Encouraged by the positive response, he began to take his show to clubs nationally. With regular bookings in every corner of the country and appearances at both the San Francisco Comedy Competition and on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom radio show, Jamey has made people laugh from California to New York and from Minnesota to Texas!

Jamey is on the road most of the year and has become a regular at some of the best clubs around the country.

Sunday Brunch


Join Us For Our Famous Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch at the Holly Hotel is an experience not to be missed.

Brunch is served from 10:30am-2:30pm and costs $26.00 for adults and $12.00 for Children.

Our menu changes weekly, click here to view this weeks menu.

Reservations are required. Please call 248.634.5208 to make your reservation


Bereavement Luncheons at the Holly Hotel

Since 2005, families throughout the country have trusted our family and professional staff to assist in hosting bereavement luncheons with the respect, grace and quiet elegance necessary.

The Holly Hotel opens privately, anytime, for these very special occasions and we can make the necessary arrangements with just a few hours notice.

Call 248.634.5208 for more information 

Did You Know That the Holly Hotel opens privately for groups of 10 or more guests Monday thru Saturday from 11 AM until 2:00 PM? Enjoy a three-course afternoon luncheon for your group by calling 248.634.5208!
A perfect time to schedule your bridal or baby shower, family luncheon, book club meeting or ANY reason to join your friends at the Holly Hotel! Just $14 to $18 per person!
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